Scarleton Soft Barrel Shoulder Bag ( H1485 )

Scarleton Soft Barrel Shoulder Bag (H1485) is the latest stylist handbag which mansions it’s the present stylist bag for the women.. It is very attractive by the out-looking and inside the bag obviously consumer will get extreme satisfactions after buying, depending customer satisfaction we are offering this bag with fantastic designing.

Flamboyant design

Barrel Shoulder Bag is manufactured by an ultra-soft synthetic vegan lather with fabric lining, which is very smooth and flexible product for the women. Using it you will get different

Compartments which are designed as interior features like, two top Zippered compartments with a beauty small cell phone zipper  pocket , double exteriorsnap closure pocket.Scarleton Soft Barrel Shoulder Bag is the very complicate manufacture sketch a genuine handbag for the women with removable shoulder strap drops 23”, two 8.5” handles.

Luxurious and fashionable

It is fashionable and luxurious handbag for all generations who are very excited to get an uncommon handbag for the women. This is completely a fashionable handbag it is luxurious product. In addition, Scarleton Soft Barrel Shoulder Bag has various features, you can put your necessary commodities in interior, like laptop, iPAD, moiniiPAD, wallet, mobile phone, umbrella, in your bag.

Potential Security

The Scarleton Soft Barrel Shoulder Bag is a stylish bag for all occasions, you can use it as a security bag putting your very common elements in this handbag. This functional purse is well equipped with lots organized storage are cover up with strong zippers.

Product Details

> Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 10 x 4.3 inches
> Shipping Weight: 9.6 ounces
> Removable shoulder strap drops 23”, two 8.5” handles.

Scarleton Soft Barrel Shoulder Bags Price: $29.99 Customer Reviews

1205 Customer Reviews

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Overall observing you can be an user to buy it because this is the new stylist handbag you all women.The Scarleton Soft Barrel Shoulder Bag of Amazon product is offering with exceptional elements of this handbag you will be happy to buy it exponentially.

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