MICOM Casual Signature Printing Handbag Pu Leather Tote Shoulder with Metal Decoration for Women

MICOM Casual Signature Printing Handbag is made by pure lather with Metal Decoration (13 x 10.6x 5.1(Inches) L*W*H) for Women who will get extraordinary features in this bag. It is very attractive by the out looking and inside the bag obviously consumer will get extreme confidence after buying, depending customer satisfaction we are offering this bag with gorgeous designing.

MICOM Casual Signature Printing Handbag PU Leather Tote Shoulder is march larger with comfortable and flexible you can use any purposes whenever you go also in travelling (so long). You will get the great security using this bag because MICOM Casual Signature Printing Handbag is made PU lather and strong zipper which will confirm massive security from any unconscious in sudden time also it has different compartments which are designed as interior features like, one back-wall Zippered pocked, two front-wall slip pockets and back features exterior zippered pocket.


MICOM Casual Signature Printing bag

MICOM Casual Signature Printing bag

In the present market what is different you should know on products value it is important to comprehend before buying any product from the market.MICOM Casual Signature Printing Handbag is granting the commitment is a promise that is going to be kept the matter what. We are asserting providing this precious bag to women for using long time formally and casually in their quotidian life to give sustainable fusion reaction. This bag has varied flexible facilities you can use on your shoulder and by your hand, also it has various color with exceptional interior design.

It is exponentially the fashionable bag at present time considering our present generation MICOM Casual Signature Printing Handbag is designed with gold metal decoration which views the bag’s value comparing others and confirming this is fashionable also fashionable signature printing and four protective metal feet at the bottom. This bag is large enough to meet daily demand in our regular life PU lather bag of  MICOM is offering unbelievable facilities for the users with uncommon features which ensure customers satisfactions.It’s large enough to meet requirements of customers in different occasions, such as travelling, schooling, working, shopping, business, meeting and so on.

Product Features:

MICOM Casual Signature Printing Handbag Pu Leather Tote Shoulder

  MICOM Casual Signature Printing Pu    Leather Tote Shoulder Handbag

Approximate dimensions: 13 x 10.6x 5.1(Inches) L*W*H.

Top handle: 7.87 Inch.

It is  decorated by MICOM golden logo “M”,which won’t fade.

Four protective golden metals which prevent to damage the bag.

  MICOM Casual Signature Printing Handbags

Price$16.90 – $18.88


 MICOM Casual Signature Printing Handbag


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Conclusion :

It is an elegant tote shoulder Pu lather bag which can meet 100% the requires of various reasons.we are concern appreciating on customers’ demand with massive confident.


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